It is not every day you get to come to work and see some massive machinery being built right in the yard. But right now at Kenway & Clark Moree, it is a reality.

The new HaulMaster Elmers chaser bins are ingenuity on tracks. The images below make it difficult to imagine the sheer size of the bins, but for a little perspective, I am 6 feet tall (1.83metres), and the height of the bin was at least double me (actually, this particular one is about 4 metres tall).

Some features:

  • Full-length clean-out door
  • Elmers fixed track
  • Load cells
  • Hydraulic flow control
  • Heavy duty jack
  • Pivoting auger
  • Pivoting spout
  • See-through window at front and rear
  • Smooth wall design
  • Roll tarp

Some specs:

Too many to add. View the full specifications here.

You can enquire about the bins now from our sales team. [maxbutton id=”1″ url=”” text=”CALL NOW” ]

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