Kenway & Clark’s Sam Collier was named the New England North West Young Business Executive at Friday’s NSW Business Chamber Awards in Gunnedah.

The 28-year-old Wee Waa Branch Operations Manager, who took over operations three years ago, is thankful to the community for their support towards the business.

“The award might have my name, but I accept it on behalf of my team and our community,” said Mr Collier. “To have a business in Wee Waa recognised highlights our wonderful town as an employer of choice and an excellent place to live. This must be the biggest thing to come to Wee Waa; the second obviously was the Daft Punk album launch.”

Wee Waa has a population of about 1,600 people, and Kenway & Clark Wee Waa hire 20 of them. “When I started at Kenway & Clark Wee Waa, we had six staff, including the manager,” Mr Collier said. “That was three years ago. With only a small sales and parts department, it was our vision to become a service-centric business.”

From an early age, Mr Collier became attuned to the wants and needs of the farmer, or what he calls the “grower”. “Growers need to create more produce with less land, less time and less workforce; this is where our service department comes in.

“By developing a team of quality technicians, our growers know we can get them operating at capacity quicker than ever,” Mr Collier said. “Our telematics systems are making it easier for us to know when a problem is happening before the grower does.”

Part of the success of the branch has to do with the young and enthusiastic team Mr Collier has assembled, with the average age of the branch only 28 years. Mr Collier is grateful that he was given an opportunity by Kenway & Clark General Manager Peter Burey to run the Wee Waa branch at 24 years old.

At the business awards, Mr Collier ended his acceptance with a heartfelt appeal. “If I can say one thing to the employers out there, please give the young people coming into the workforce a chance. I was given an opportunity that not many others would at 24 to be a branch operations manager.

“So if you have somebody who is keen and eager, give them a go.”

Kenway & Clark are the premier Farm Machinery Dealership in Northern NSW and Southern QLD, providing the best in parts, sales and service support for agricultural or truck machinery. Mr Collier is excited to see his competition as he heads to the state finals in Sydney on November 17th.