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Australian built Speedtiller® meets your Strategic tillage demands

The K-Line Speedtiller® is a highly effective disc-tilling machine, ideal for soil conditioning in the presence of high levels of crop residues. The Speedtiller® is designed and manufactured in Cowra, NSW by K-Line Agriculture, a family owned Australian company. The research and development team at K-Line designed the Speedtiller® to withstand Australia’s demanding working conditions, so you can be assured of the strongest & most durable machine for your soil.

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The most recent model released in the Speedtiller® range is the Powerflex™, which took out the prestigious Tractor & Machinery Association of Australia (TMA) Award at Henty Machinery Field Days last year! The Speedtiller® Powerflex™ is a brand new Speedtiller® model which combines the Speedtiller® concept with many new features and benefits – call our sales team on 1800 194 131 for more information.

The Speedtiller® has found a niche in strategic tillage systems, as a one-pass tillage tool. The combination of the adjustable rubber-torsioned jump arm system with disc undercut and the effective action of the levelling crumbler roller makes the Speedtiller® ideal for stubble incorporation and seedbed preparation.

Incorporating the stubble then builds up humus levels in the soil profile. This stubble then feeds the microbes in the soil, increasing soil organic matter and allowing for much-needed microbial activity. This leads to healthier soils and eventually; less reliance on outsourced nitrogen.

After several years of stubble build-up on top of the soil, there can be an increase in diseases such as crown rot. This can be carried over from season to season in standing stubbles. By incorporating stubble you can mix these stubbles into the soil, allowing them to break down and break the disease cycle.

Herbicide resistance is becoming an increasing issue especially with more summer rains. A lot of farming districts have used a strategic tillage program to help eradicate summer weeds and lessen the reliance on chemicals. This in turn gives the chemicals a longer life cycle before weeds become resistant to them.

Using the one-pass Speedtiller® saves you fuel, time and chemical costs. Prove the benefits of the Speedtiller® and call K-Line Agriculture on 1800 194 131 for your local reseller.


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