“Friday Farming, Tractor & Tillage, Breakfast & Bullyarn”

That just means we want you to pop in for a debrief and chat on the latest season.
  • DATE:
    Friday 7th July 2017 (last week of the School Holidays)
  • TIME:
    From 7.30 am
  • WHAT:
    Breakfast made by good looking Parts Interpreters
    Giveaways for the kids and a jumping castle!
    Get the opportunity to discuss what went well and what didn’t this season, and see how we can help you next season.
  • WHERE:
    Kenway & Clark Wee Waa, 37 Boolcarrol Rd Wee Waa
  • RSVP:
    Kenway & Clark Wee Waa
    02 6795 8400

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